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Laser Tattoo Removal

Facial rejuvenation, laser tattoo removal, skin depigmentation where warranted, and the best possible outcome. That is what we aim for every single time.

The latest Pico Laser technology can;

  • Dial the energy level up or down
  • Target every single colour in the rainbow
  • Deliver ultra-precise treatment to maximise comfort, maximise outcomes, and minimise the number of treatments you require.

You can either have;

  • A free half-hour consultation with Preston Shaw our certified Pico Laser tattoo removalist, to assess your needs, and come up with a very good plan.
  • Contact Preston on his mobile telephone number (0413 581 077) if you would just like to chat about your needs.

As a matter of policy, we always advocate the very best care.

Feel free to discuss facial rejuvenation, Pico laser tattoo removal or skin pigmentation with your usual service provider or any of the doctors at the Townsville GP Superclinic.

Quality of care rules at the Townsville GP Superclinic. If you would like a second opinion, or you are sorely troubled about the right way to go, or you would like to have your treatment plan or progress reviewed, you can organise to be reviewed by Dr. Evan Nicholls at any point in time. Just contact the Townsville GP Superclinic and we will organise the rest.